Centre Paul Langelin, Aussois, France June 21 - 27, 1998
Scientific Organizing Committee
Local Organizing Committee
A. Chenciner, J. Laskar (Chair), C. Simo, s. Wiggins
S. Boatto, J. Laskar (Chair), P. Robutel, D. Sauzin, M. Tellier


Since the Séagaro meeting on Hamiltonian Systems with three or more degrees of freedom, in june 1995, there has been numerous works and discussions related to separatrix splitting and diffusion in Hamiltonian systems. These very active discussions end up even recently on the internet network, used as a forum for scientific exchange. Obviously, direct confrontation of all the participants of these works is strongly needed.

The aim of the present workshop, which was indeed planned a long time ago is to fill this gap, and to gather all participants of these researches, in order to obtained a clarified view of the present state of the art in works related to stability, separatrix splitting, and diffusion in Hamiltonian systems.

The meeting, which will occur about 100 years after the publications of the Methodes Nouvelles de la Mecanique Celeste of Poincaré, will also review the recent progress in the more general field of celestial mechanics, either on a theoretical point of view, or applied to realistic systems (Solar system or galactic dynamics, ...).

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