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The Gaia satellite has been launched on December 19, 2013 and the operations have begun in 2014. During this mission, Solar System Objects (SSO) will be observed by Gaia and their state vector will be measured with an unprecedented precision. New objects will certainly be detected; among them probably interesting ones such as NEAs. Nevertheless, due to the constraints imposed by its scanning law, Gaia will not be able to monitor these objects and to improve their provisional orbital model. Therefore complementary ground-based observations are required. During the previous years, this ground based activity has been organized through the set-up of the Gaia-FUN-SSO network. This task is performed in the frame of the Coordination Unit 4 of the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium, devoted to the data processing of specific objects. Several training observation campaigns have been performed and, in 2014, the real Gaia astrometric alerts are arriving.

The goal of the network is to recover newly detected targets by astrometric observations on alert; so that a preliminary orbit can be computed at IAU/MPC. This activity is coordinated by a central node at IMCCE, Paris Observatory, interacting with the Gaia daily data processing all along the mission. We organize this year a new Gaia-FUN-SSO workshop in Paris in November 2014 in order to discuss the first months of activity of this network. During this workshop, the participants will have the opportunity to be informed about the status of the Gaia mission, about the alert process for SSO and about the ground-based data processing. But they will also be invited to present their feedback information in relation with this program, or to present their equipment, instruments and observing sites, and discuss tuning of the alert strategy. Large time slots will be reserved for discussions.

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